Why Regular Health Screenings are So Important

Health ScreeningsHealth screenings can show if you have a condition or a disease even if you’re not currently showing symptoms. In most cases, the earlier a problem is detected, the more effective your treatment will be. Here is some important information that will hopefully show the importance of this vital service.

What are Health Screenings?

When people visit their doctor for health screenings, they typically undergo a series of physical exams or tests that look for certain issues. This is different from a diagnostic test, which is performed once someone has shown symptoms or signs of a disease.

Even if you feel fine, it is critical that you have a health screening. Not only will it spot a problem, it will give you a better chance of being able to control any issue that may be detected and reduce the risk of potentially serious complications.

If you have a screening and the results show an abnormality of some sort, it is very important that you schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. Again, even if you feel perfectly well, the sooner you start treatment the better your chances of a favorable outcome will be.

How Often Should I Be Screened?

You should try to schedule health screenings on a regular basis, as recommended by your doctor. If you only schedule a screening on a one-off basis, that will merely pick up any conditions that are present at the time of the test.

Addison Internal Medicine provides comprehensive health screenings that detect a wide range of health issues, giving our patients peace of mind and helping them improve the quality of their lives. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, call us at 972-301-7060 or contact us online.