Why it is Important to Get a Flu Shot

flu shotAnywhere from 3,000-40,000 people die from the flu each year, with hundreds of thousands more needing to be hospitalized. In order to be protected as well as possible from this illness, you should seriously consider getting a flu shot. In fact, everyone 6 months of age or older should be vaccinated at the start of the flu season, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Why Influenza is So Dangerous

Just about every year you will hear tragic stories of people dying from the flu. While most of us may associate flu deaths with infants, elderly people and those suffering from asthma, heart disease or other chronic problems, the scary fact is the flu can kill people of all ages – in some instances, people who were otherwise in good health. What makes flu deaths even more tragic is that they are largely preventable through a flu shot. It is the best way to keep from having to go to your doctor’s office – or perhaps even the hospital – to get treatment should you come down with the illness.

It is also important to note that just because you may have received a flu shot in the past few years that does not mean you will be protected this year. The flu virus changes, so the flu vaccine changes as well. Across the world, medical experts work together before each flu season to get the best possible idea of theĀ strains of the virus that will be the most likely to circulate. That year’s vaccine is then produced based on the experts’ predictions. Even if the vaccine is not an exact match for that year’s strain, it will still offer a great deal more protection than not getting a shot at all.

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