When to visit a Doctor for Mole Removal

It is important to know when it is necessary to visit a doctor for mole removal. While moles are quite common and do not normally cause symptoms, there are certain differences between healthy moles and dangerous moles. In the following, we’ll discuss how to differentiate between the two types of moles.

Mole RemovalMole removal is necessary in the case of health reasons, if the mole is found to be cancerous. People may also choose to remove moles for cosmetic reasons, although this is generally up to the individual’s discretion and is not required for health reasons.

Healthy Moles:

Healthy moles tend to be a light color, usually brown or tan, and their shape is normally round or an oval. Size is important as well; healthy moles should be no larger, on average, than a pencil eraser. In terms of location on your body, they are generally found on the upper half, including your face, back, chest and arms.

Dangerous Moles:

Moles, however, that look different from other moles on your body generally should be checked by a doctor. They may be a pink or red color, have a surface that is not smooth and be larger than the typical mole. In addition, you should carefully monitor moles that are on your head, as well as your butt and breasts. If you have a mole that has any of these characteristics, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

The doctor will examine your mole and may perform a biopsy of the mole to check for signs of cancer, if he or she suspects there may be a problem. Moles that are cancerous must be removed immediately to prevent them from spreading and causing further health problems.

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