Gastric Bypass Before & After Care

Gastric Bypass Before & After surgeryAt some points in a persons life, weight becomes out of control and leads to morbid obesity. In extreme cases, some patients turn to surgery to help reduce the weight. Gastric bypass surgery is a surgical procedure to treat morbid obesity.

Help for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Our Addison internists understand that, to get the most out of gastric bypass surgery, you need proper preparation and follow up. Basic behavioral and dietary changes are necessary.

Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

Prior to having gastric bypass surgery, it’s important to meet with one of our doctors at Addison Internal Medicine. During your initial appointment, our doctor will examine your current medical condition and discuss the upcoming gastric bypass procedure. You may be given a customized exercise plan to be followed leading up to your surgery. Likewise, our doctor can recommend a special diet to help your body prepare for physical alterations that occur with bariatric surgery. This diet may include changes to your current way of eating, or may limited what you can eat.

After Bariatric Surgery

Once your surgery is complete, the doctors at Addison Internal Medicine will want to see you to ensure that the procedure was a success. Your initial appointment will include an exam, and adjustments to your diet may need to be made at this time. Follow up appointments are typically scheduled in the weeks and months after gastric bypass surgery to ensure that proper healing is taking place and to ensure that the patient is benefiting from the surgery. If at any time after gastric bypass surgery you experience pain, nausea, or any other type of medical concern, contact us at Addison Internal Medicine immediately.

To Make an Appointment

If you’re considering gastric bypass surgery, or if you have recently undergone bariatric surgery, schedule an appointment with the medical professionals at Addison Internal Medicine to discuss before and after health programs. You can contact us online or call our clinic at 972-301-7060.