Tips for Selecting a Primary Care Physician

Finding the Right Doctor for Your Family

It’s no secret. Selecting your family doctor is very important as he or she will be the one trusted to take care of you and your family during any chronic and/or acute health issues. We took the time to compile key factors that will outline what you should be looking for in terms of a primary care provider for your family.

Clinic Environment

Visit potential clinics and find out if the staff is friendly. Call the clinic and see if they are pleasant on the phone. If you can, schedule a check-up to see if the physician’s style matches your own. Discover what you can about appointment issues such as cancellation and payment policies or who will cover your care if your primary physician is out.

Your Needs

Whether practical or personal, your needs are going to guide your choice of physician. Needs such as insurance coverage, convenience of location and even parking should influence your decision. Doctor expertise in certain chronic conditions should also be considered.

Doctor Comfort

A primary care provider will oversee the whole scope of your health, and you should feel comfortable talking to them about personal information.

Out of Office

This is most often overlooked, but very important. Learn about the care available to you outside normal office hours. Will you be able to reach your provider by phone or email? For comprehensive care, try to establish how involved your physician would be when receiving treatment at a hospital or from a specialist.

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