Tips for a Safe Halloween

It’s Halloween, the one day of the year you allow your kids to dress up in a costume, eat way too much candy, and stay up past their bedtime. But let’s be honest. Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for our children.

To help ensure your little have a safe trick or treat extravaganza tonight, we’ve put together this list of Halloween safety tips.

Have caution with glow sticks.

Glow sticks offer great visibility but glow sticks can also be hazardous.  If the glow stick is punctured, the colorless liquid inside a glow stick is low in toxicity but will likely irritate your child’s skin and eyes. Even worse, if your child ingests the glow stick liquid, a trip to the ER may be in order. Don’t be shocked if his lips and tongue glow for a few minutes.

Test face paint for allergic reaction.

Face paint is widely used for Halloween. But an allergic reaction will put an end to a fun night of candy grabbing. When selecting face paint, buy a quality product that displays non-toxic designations. One simple tip is test the paint on your child’s face according to the directions on the package to be sure it won’t trigger an allergic reaction or other skin irritation.  Remember that face paint is preferred over masks that can obstruct your child’s vision.

Choose Halloween hand-me-down costumes wisely.

Make sure the second-hand costume fits and make sure it is flame retardant. Halloween costume hand-me-downs help save cash, but they are dangerous when they don’t fit your child properly.

Remind kids of basic safety rules.

Before heading out to candy grab, chat with your kids about basic safety rules. Remind them to only approach homes with the lights on, never enter a home, and toss candy that’s not in an original wrapper.

Beware of allergies and choking hazards.

Lots of children have food allergies. If your child is one of them, remind her that you have to check her candy before she eats it. Spread her treats out on the kitchen table and swap out dangerous treats for ones she can enjoy or offer non-food items like inexpensive toys.

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