The Price Diabetics Could Pay For Eating Highly Refined Grains

Refined grains have become a large part of the average American diet. They are everywhere, whether you know it or not. Unfortunately, these highly refined grains can be harmful to those with health problems, especially diabetics.

What are Highly Refined Grains?

DiabeticsHighly refined grains are grains that have been processed in a way that removes all or most of the fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients generally contained in whole grains. The most common forms of such grains are white rice and white bread. The biggest issues these cause is in their glycemic index and their fast digestion. It means that the majority of what is absorbed from these grains is sugar, which can cause spikes in blood sugar. Those spikes can be dangerous in a diabetic since they cannot process the extra insulin needed to break down this sugar on their own.

Shopping Tips for Diabetics

Watch out for the carbs – It is of course important to pay attention to grams of sugar in what you are buying, but carbs turn into sugar as well. You should limit your carb intake from any source.

Do not go with fat free – Fat free options may sound healthier to you, but most often the fat has been replaced with sugar.

Choose grains wisely – Even if something says it is whole grains does not mean it does not contain sugar in some form or is healthy. Read all the details on a label before making an informed decision.

Stick to the outside – The healthiest things at the store are kept on the outer edges of the aisles rather than on the main aisles. Try and get most of your groceries from these sections instead of aisles full of processed choices.

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