Liver Function Test

Liver Function TreatmentYour liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It is responsible for filtering toxins from your blood. If damaged by disease or injury, the liver may not be able to do its job. This type of organ failure can dangerously impact your health. Fortunately, the internists at Addison Internal Medicine offer a preventive health screening that includes liver function testing.

Protecting Vital Internal Organs

It’s always better to recognize liver damage in its early stages. Our doctors helps patients monitor their internal health through the use of a liver function test.

What Are the Symptoms of Liver Damage?

Some Liver Diseases Are Asymptomatic

While the above listed symptoms are common in people suffering from liver damage, some people experience no symptoms at all. Others may only experience symptoms after liver damage Liver Function Treatmentsprogresses to severe or irreversible levels. As a result, it’s important to ask your internist whether conducting liver function tests regularly may be recommended for you. Patients with certain liver disease risk factors may be prime candidates for liver function testing.

Risk Factors for Liver Damage:

• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Diagnosed with hepatitis C
• Taking medications that put a strain on the liver
• Suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
• Obesity
• Ingested toxins and/or heavy metals
• Liver disease found in family history

How is a Liver Function Test Performed?

A liver function test measures enzymes in the blood to determine how well the liver is working. Because the liver uses enzymes to break down toxins, excessive liver enzymes in the blood typically indicate that the liver is damaged and is leaking these enzymes. In some cases, a liver biopsy will be required to get a more detailed picture of the liver’s health.

Schedule a Liver Function Test

To schedule your liver function test, contact Addison Internal Medicine online or call our office at 972-301-7060.