Medically Assisted Weight Loss

Let Us Help You Drop Those Pounds

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. With the growing rate of obesity in the United States, this is no longer just an idle thought. So many people each year begin the struggle to find the right way to lose weight for their body, but a large number fail. Why? No matter how much information is out there about nutrition and how our bodies use it, it is still widely misunderstood. On top of that, chronic illnesses are much more prevalent in the modern world, making losing weight even more difficult. It is often a large task that people try to conquer on their own.

When You Can’t Do It Alone

Imagine that you have tried for months to follow strict diets, eat healthy and exercise regularly, but the pounds are just not coming off. You are starting to get frustrated and ready to give up because your painstaking efforts seem to be amounting to nothing. This is a common tale, and we at Addison Internal Medicine want to help you beat that struggle and finally reach your weight loss goal. Don’t give up just yet.  Let us help.

Common Weight Loss Issues

Even if it may not be obvious, there is a reason you are not losing weight. It could be a particular food that doesn’t work well with your body or a missing vitamin. There are so many things that can set your body on a course to failure that you may not even know about. Some of the most common reasons we see for a lack of weight loss are:

  • Medication Reactions
  • Skipping Meals/Not Eating Enough
  • Vices
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Endocrine System Dysfunction
  • Stress

How Addison Internal Medicine Can Help

Is it time to get help on your weight loss journey? Addison Internal Medicine would love to be your weight loss partner. We offer many options for those looking for help with weight loss, including nutritional counseling and medication, if needed. Visits and medications are quite often covered by insurance, so the cost is minimal.

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