How to Prevent Back Pain this Holiday Season

The chances of experiencing back pain increase during the holiday season due to increased stress from all of the holiday hustle and bustle – including raking leaves, carrying large gifts, putting up decorations, and excessive traveling. If your holiday schedule is full of strenuous activities, our tips below will help you prevent back pain this season.

Practice Good Posture

Business man with back pain

It’s important to remember to maintain a good posture throughout holiday activities that can strain your back. If you’ll be spending extra time in the kitchen, try to reduce the time you’re hovering over the countertop by prepping part of your meals early or allowing yourself to sit while chopping. When lifting heavy items out of an oven, avoid using your back.

Remember to bend your knees and lift heavy objects using the strength from your legs rather than your back. When cooking for family or friends, don’t be afraid to ask for help in the kitchen.

Having helping hands in the kitchen will reduce your own workload and can be a great bonding activity. When putting up holiday decorations, especially when it requires a ladder, avoid excessive bending and hunching. If you find yourself having to bend over constantly to reach decorations, try propping up your décor on a stool or chair for easier reach.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Although you may find yourself to be extremely busy around the holiday season, it is important to find time to exercise throughout. Just finding time to fit in a yoga session at least once a week can greatly reduce back pain and promotes overall relaxation. If you can fit in a short twenty-minute session at your gym, try to work on some body strengthening exercises that will help prevent back pain, such as lower back and leg exercises. Keeping active will also keep your muscles moving and prevent tension, which can increase in the cold weather.

These simple solutions will help you prevent back pain and injury during the busy holiday season. If you find yourself suffering from back pain, contact Addison Internal Medicine by phone to schedule an appointment and we can help bring you relief.