How Afrezza Can Benefit Diabetics

afrezzaIf you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you may have heard of a new drug known as Afrezza, which is a fast acting insulin that can be inhaled rather than having to be injected. Here is some information on this medication to help you determine whether or not it may be right for you.

How it Works

The cells in the body’s lungs quickly absorb Afrezza, which is a powdery form of insulin, and send it into the bloodstream. It takes about 15-20 minutes to peak compared to the hour or so it takes for injected insulin to peak. It also leaves the body in about two or three hours, compared to about four hours for injected insulin. A patient who has been prescribed Afrezza places a dose into a small inhaler that is about the size of a whistle. Each dose is contained in a small cartridge that is designed to be inhaled either before a meal or soon after the patient starts to eat.

While there are no needles required to take Afrezza, certain patients who need long-acting insulin will likely need to continue their normal injection routine.

Potential Side Effects

Some of the more commonly reported side effects among people who took Afrezza and participated in clinical trials include throat pain, coughing, and low blood sugar. The drug’s warning label states that its use may results in acute bronchospasm, or a sudden tightening of the chest. It is not recommended for people who smoke, or who have COPD or asthma.

While Afrezza is extremely easy to use, you still need to have a detailed talk with your doctor to be 100 percent sure it will be right for you. If you would like to learn more, contact Addison Internal Medicine online or call 972-301-7060.