Mole Removal

Skin Growths May Be Dangerous

Mole Removal dermatologist addisonSkin discolorations and growths such as moles are commonplace for many people. For some, however, moles pose not just a physical disadvantage, but also a health risk. Moles often show up during early childhood or adolescence and are typically harmless. Usually, they appear as a cluster of cells that look brown or black, sometimes raised in appearance. While many moles are harmless, some moles may be an indication of skin cancer.

Protect Yourself against Malignant Moles

A developing mole, or one that has existed since childhood, is often considered to be a normal anomaly on the skin. These are often disregarded by most patients. However, the development of new moles may be a sign of skin cancer or some other serious medical condition. As a result, it’s important to allow the medical professionals at Addison Internal Medicine to inspect and treat any moles you find.

Signs That You Should Consider Mole Removal:

Mole Treatment Solutions

At Addison Internal Medicine, mole removal is performed in our clinic. All skin growths that are removed are sent for biopsy to ensure that each patient receives the most accurate information about potential skin conditions. If something other than a benign mole is found, our team of internal medicine specialists will provide expert analysis to assist patients with finding the safest course of treatment.

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