Common Signs of ADD

add in adultsWhile attention deficit disorder (ADD) is typically associated with children, ADD in adults is a more common problem than you may think. As damaging as this condition can be for a child, the ramifications can be even worse when someone is older. These include the loss of relationships and careers, sleep disorders, a debilitating sense of anxiety, and more. If you or a loved one show these signs, it is very important that you schedule an evaluation as soon as possible to see if treatment is needed.

Distracted Behavior

An adult who has ADD will often think of many different subjects at one time and find it extremely difficult to focus. Any type of external stimulus could easily send that person on a mental tangent that could potentially be damaging. He or she may be easily irritated or disturbed in a social setting due to what seems like a constant bombardment of sights and sounds.


When someone has ADD, he or she will often have a great deal of difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. Substantial mistakes can easily be made, leading to anxiety and confusion. Adult ADD sufferers may not know why they made those mistakes, or they only left a task half-completed.

Treating ADD

Thankfully, ADD can be effectively treated in a variety of ways. These treatments can not only improve functioning but also reduce symptoms. They can also help increase attention span and improve focus. At Addison Internal Medicine, we use a sophisticated, objective, computerized test to help make an accurate diagnosis of ADD. The test also helps us assess the effectiveness of both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments.

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