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Biometrics Health Screening Addison Internal MedicineBiometrics or health screening is usually sponsored by your employer along with your respective medical insurance carriers to promote health through yearly screenings.

These screenings involve biometric measurements such as blood pressure, BMI (weight/height), cholesterol level, waist circumference, blood sugar, and tobacco abuse.

These biometric screenings serve to identify potential health issues that need to be addressed by your physician and promote healthy lifestyle changes that can impact your long-term health. They benefit both your insurance carriers (by reducing insurance costs through minimizing health complications from untreated health issues) and employer (loss of productivity through illnesses and health complications) but also benefit you, the employee, through discounts on your medical insurance premiums.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is simply a measurement of pressure exerted by the movement of the blood against the walls of your blood vessels. Our internal medicine specialists recommend blood pressure screening as part of our biometrics testing.

Blood pressure is considered high when the force of pressure is high enough to cause heart health problems such as heart disease. Blood pressure is considered low when the force of pressure is low enough that it cannot get the proper amount of blood to your body’s organs.

Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol levels are commonly noted problems in today’s health-conscious environment. Cholesterol, which is found in several foods, can be beneficial. High-density cholesterol, or HDL, is sometimes referred to as the “good cholesterol.”

Other types of cholesterol can harm the body by causing plaque buildup inside arteries. This harmful cholesterol is low-density cholesterol, or LDL, and may lead to dangerous blockages that cut off blood flow to the heart. Our doctors at Addison Internal Medicine recommend patients undergo cholesterol testing as part of Biometrics, especially if you have risk factors for high LDL cholesterol.

Blood Sugar

Maintaining proper blood sugar in your body is key to preventing health conditions such as diabetes. As part of our biometrics tests, our doctors will test the amount of glucose in your blood. This information can help determine your level of wellness.

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