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Back Pain Treatment

Comprehensive Back Pain Care in Addison

Back Pain Specialists in AddisonMillions of Americans suffer from back pain and if not properly addressed it can impact a person’s quality of life. Back pain may be caused by disease or injury. Often it directly affects the bone, nerves, discs, muscles and connective tissue in the area.

In other cases, internal organs may cause back pain. The internists at Addison Internal Medicine provide expert diagnostics and treatments to relieve back pain effectively.

Types of Back Pain

There are two primary categories of back pain; acute and chronic. Acute back pain may come on suddenly but may not last very long. In contrast, chronic back pain gets progressively worse and may persist for months or even longer.

Symptoms of Back Pain Include:

  • Dull muscular aches
  • Sharp shooting pains in the back
  • Pain radiating outward from the back to the hips, legs or neck areas.
  • Inability to stand up straight
  • Limited range of motion in back, arms, neck or legs

Treatments for Low Back Pain & More

Most low back pain can be treated conservatively. Our experienced medical team at Addison Internal Medicine applies advanced diagnostics to pinpoint the cause of your back pain before suggesting any treatment. Your diagnosis considers your age, medical history, test results (imaging, lab results, etc.), level of mobility and possible causes for back pain. Once they have all the information available about your case, our doctors create the best treatment program to fit your needs.

Conservative treatment options are always considered first. If conservative treatments do not produce the desired results, surgical treatments may be considered.

Schedule an Appointment for Back Pain

If you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain, our internists in Addison have the expertise and diagnostic equipment to help you recover. Call us at 972-733-3090 to schedule an appointment.

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