Add Strength Training to Your Fitness Plan

Why It May Be A Good Idea to Add Strength Training to Your Fitness Plan

Woman Exercising With DumbbellsNo one can deny the health benefits of exercise, no matter whether you are young or old, in great or poor health. A simple walk a day can kick-start the processes your body needs to function properly. Cardio exercise is something many use to lose and maintain weight. However, strength training, also sometimes called weight training or resistance training, has its place in a healthy exercise routine for everyone.

There is often an assumption that strength or weight training is only for those trying to bulk up their muscles; bodybuilders and others in sports. However, pumping iron is not always what strength training looks like, and the benefits are almost endless.

Benefits of Strength Training

  • Becoming stronger
  • Bone and muscle health
  • Help keep weight loss off
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Can help in managing many chronic diseases such as arthritis
  • Improvements in mood and energy
  • Boosts metabolism for increased calorie burning long-term
  • Reducing overall body fat

Getting Started with Strength Training

Like with any new exercise routine, start slow. Getting injured will throw you completely off your game, so choose a low weight amount and only do one set at first. Be sure to listen to your body to know when to stop. Often a trainer or coach can help you be more successful if you have access to one.

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